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3 Basic Steps for Creating the Perfect Hair Style with INUKA

Get fashionable hair styling tips in just three easy steps! If you're new to hair styling, this post is the perfect place to start!

Looking for an easy way to get salon-quality hair styles at home? With just a few basic tips, you can create beautiful and stylish looks in no time. Here's how to achieve fabulous hair styles in three easy steps!

Start With Clean Hair: Make sure your hair is clean and conditioned before you start styling.

Before you get started on your new look, make sure your hair is clean and conditioned. This ensures that your style will last longer and have a better overall finish. Clean hair will also allow the products you use, such as styling creams or mousses, to adhere better to ensure maximum hold. When styling with heat tools, cleaner hair helps reduce damage and produces silky locks.

Choose the Right Products: From treatment sprays to serums, select products that suit your hair type and desired style.

Once you know what look you want to create and have the right shampoo and conditioner, the next step is to choose the perfect product. For those looking for added volume start with a lightweight volumizing mousse, which will provide body and lift to give you that fullness you desire. For those wanting more smoothness and shine try a serum or heat protectant spray layered on top of your styling cream or mouse before blow drying. Don’t forget about finishing products such as hairspray for hold or wax for flexible texture - both are essential for keeping your look in place!
Style Away: Mastering a new hair style may take a few tries, so don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques!

Start offering your services to friends, family and coworkers and don't be afraid to make mistakes! Experience is the best teacher when it comes to mastering any skill. Keep track of what you’ve tried and what works or doesn’t work for each person – it will help you to refine your technique. Think about how much time you devoted to creating each style, as well as take note of any products used – this will become important later when charging customers for a specific service.

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